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When outer nature equals inner nature life feels good


Do you want to experience the feeling of wild and scenic places where you usually dwell? Peter Thomas Bowyer creates garden scenery for people who want to bring nature into their home or workplace.

Artistic Philosophy


Peter regards the shaping of earth, water, plants and architecture as equally important in the big picture, and to creating beauty in detail. His inspirations range from natural landscapes to cultural ones. He is holistic and interdisciplinary in his approach to landscape gardens.



Peter grew up in the family garden and has been a horticultural professional since 1981. He is a CA licensed landscape contractor 712862 and APA certified aesthetic pruner 007. He has collaborated with organizations, government, citizens, property owners and other trades-persons on projects large and small and often in a leadership or creative role. A native English speaker, he also speaks Spanish well, some Japanese and German. He continues to educate himself and add new skills. As a result, he holds 6 certificates in horticulture in addition to a university degree. He also serves as an educator himself.

Skills & services

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Aesthetic pruning, Arboriculture, California native landscapes. Carpentry, Classes, Coaching, Consultations, Conceptual designs, Design-build, Drainage, Grading, Irrigation, Japanese home & garden design principles, Japanese gardening, Maintenance, Lighting, Native planting design, Paving & paths, Planting, Project management, Rock placement, Subcontractors, Training, Tree-moving, Water features, Workshops.

Geographic Service Area


Peter is based in Oakland, California, USA. Most jobs are close to home, but the added cost of travel may be worth your while if your project requires his skills.

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