Public Service


Public Service

Lead designer of the Oakland Sister City Garden in Fukuoka, Japan.  Pro-bono.

Lead designer-builder of the Oakland-Fukuoka Torii landscape in Oakland, CA.  Pro-bono.

Founder & coordinator of the Japanese Gardening & Carpentry Class Series at Hakone Estate & Gardens, Saratoga, CA.  Pro-bono.

Formerly head gardener at the Golden State Bonsai Federation Collection-North, Oakland CA.  Pro-bono.

Merritt College Aesthetic Pruning Club project leader at

  • University of California Boanical Garden Natives Section

  • Torii Landscape, Oakland CA.

  • Rockridge Library, Oakland CA.

  • Hakone Estate & Gardens in Saratoga, CA. 2003-2006

  • Golden State Bonsai Federation Collection-North, Oakland CA. 2003-2005

Designer and co-leader of the island reconstruction at Shinzen Garden, Woodard Park, Fresno CA. as
described in the Journal of Japanese Gardening Sep/Oct No. 41  (see Press Clips page). Pro Bono.

Community-based designer for restoration of Glen Echo Creek, Alameda County Flood Control
District, CA.

Volunteer pruner at public and non-profit Japanese gardens up & down the Pacific Coast: 

  • Hakone Gardens in Saratoga CA.

  • Shinzen Garden in Fresno CA.

  • Lotusland in Montecito CA.

  • Washington Arboretum Japanese Garden in Seattle WA.

  • Kubota Gardens in Seattle WA.

  • Green Gulch Retreat Center Tea Garden in Marin Co.

  • GSBF Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt, Oakland CA

  • Torii Landscape, Lakeside Park, Oakland CA

  • Japanese Garden, Lakeside Park, Oakland CA

Chair of fifth annual Aesthetic Pruning Symposium "The Intersection of Pruning and Design"
at Merritt College, Oakland, CA, USA in 2004

Presentations at Aesthetic Pruning Symposiums:

  • Japanese Design, California Native Plants and Pruning, 2005

  • The Intersection of Pruning and Design in a Japanese Garden, 2004

  • Pruning Mediterranean and California Native Trees, 2003

San Francisco Landscape Garden Show

  • Main stage presentation on Organic Soil Management, 1988

  • French Intensive Vegetable Gardening demonstrations, 1987

Former volunteer and staff for the San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners

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