Bring the vaction home



Two domiciles on a small lot for a multi-generational family. They use the small area in between for social gatherings or sunbathing. They want to hide the neighbor's garage, glorify the entry gate, block the afternoon winds, and enjoy a garden's sensory delights. One spouse wants to move the bath tub out of sight, while for the other, its function as a cold plunge serves as a humorous focus for summertime parties with his buddies. The deadlock over the tub and the narrow focus on problem solving had stiffled their creativity.

Follow your bliss


With the exception of the conflict over the tub, the client's fix-it list failed to state their personality and identity as a couple. Learning they enjoy vacations in the Galapagos Islands provided the passage for artistic expression.

Sea change


The controversial cold tub and the obtrusive neighbor's garage become cruise ship and a background scenic mural. Even an old hand pick has new life as the ship's anchor.


The old static division of concrete and lawn becomes a dynamic progression. In the gathering area, the concrete slab has begun to fracture and drift apart in the form of large pavers in a field of turf. They become increasingly off-set in order to facilitate diagonal movement across the area from rear house to yard gate.

33rd Av 1542 boat+mural scan WEB_1.jpg

Islands fragment off the curvilinear edge of this landmass toward the viewed end of the garden. The foreground island fragment is formed of the same turf, with a Boxwood clipped in a volcano shape and surrounded by a sea of roofing gravel - the same as found atop the garage. It links to the other islands of the archipelago, arrayed in diagonal perspective on the mural. The tub sails through the gravel sea towards the horizon, out of the material circumstance and into the imagination.

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